Rynkeby´s  Payment Policy

Our standard payment terms are 60 days.
Due date is calculated by applying agreed terms to the latter of valid invoice presented or goods receipt date. We pay invoices on our calculated due date.
If an invoice falls due during a weekend or holiday, invoices are paid on the following business day.
We prefer invoices in PDF-format on the following address: invoice@rynkeby.dk
We only pay correct invoices.

1. If we face any disaggrement concerning content of invoices, we claim full crediting along with a new corrected incoice.
2. All invoices must be in accordance with our invoice requirement, otherwise the invoice will be rejected.

Rynkeby’s invoice requirement

All invoices received in Rynkeby must contain the following information in order to be considered correct:

- Supplier name
- Supplier address
- Supplier number (if possible)
- Supplier VAT number
- Rynkeby VAT number
- Supplier bank account
- Supplier’s product number (if possible)
- Supplier’s product name
- Invoice number
- Address of delivery location
- Rynkeby’s purchase order number (when relevant)
- Quantity
- VAT amount specified
- Invoice amount
- Currency
- Name of ordering person at Rynkeby
- Initials of the ordering person at Rynkeby (not required when an Rynkeby purchase order is used)
- Rynkeby’s product number
- Rynkeby’s product name 

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Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby cykler hvert år til Paris for at samle penge ind til børn med kræft og deres familier.

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