Quality assurance

As one of the first companies in the world, Rynkeby Foods A/S is certified according to the ISO 22000 standard. Certification substantiates not only that we have an efficient quality assurance system but also that we have complete control over food safety from farm to glass.
Rynkeby's purchasers pay visits to suppliers all over the world to seek out fruit and berries and to select precisely the right sorts and the best quality for each separate product. Rynkeby also makes a series of ethical demands on its sub-suppliers. They are obliged not to produce using illegal workers, including child labour, and they must uphold international regulations pertaining to environmental and working conditions.
When the fruit is picked, it is pressed and boiled to remove water until only the pure fruit concentrate remains. The fruit concentrate is then frozen. The concentrate arrives at Rynkeby in tankers or in large barrels. Before it is put into cold storage, the concentrate is subjected to a thorough inspection. We examine the concentrate to ensure that it meets all our requirements as to the colour, flavour, acidity, dry solids content, etc. in our ingredients.


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Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby cykler hvert år til Paris for at samle penge ind til børn med kræft og deres familier.

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