Quality assurance

From the ground to the table

As a food producer, it is a matter of course for Rynkeby Foods to ensure quality and food safety. Historically, we started out with ISO 9001 quality certification, which was expanded to ISO 22000 and subsequently updated to FSSC 22000 with a focus on food safety. Today we have an IFS certification. Common to the standards is that they are continuously developed and now also focuses on Food Fraud and Food Defense.

Rynkeby sets stringent requirements for the raw materials, both in terms of quality and food safety, and we also impose ethical requirements on our subcontractors. Raw materials must be produced without illegal use of labor including child labor and comply with international rules for the environment and working conditions.

The raw materials arrive at Rynkeby mainly in tankers or in barrels. We also receive fresh fruit and vegetables for pressing at our plant. Before the goods arrive at the warehouse, the raw materials undergo a thorough inspection, where it is examined whether all the requirements that Rynkeby makes for its raw materials in terms of color, taste, acid, dry matter content etc. are observed. No raw materials are put into production before the inspection is completed and approved.

Our finished juices and cordials also undergo a thorough check, and a sensory control by an authorized team of "tasters", as well as a control of chemical and microbiological parameters.

The quality department at Rynkeby Foods consists of 4 quality employees and 4 laboratory technicians. We have a large and modern laboratory with all the necessary facilities that are used by both the quality department and the product development department.


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