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Rynkeby will help make everyone healthier - with one glass of juice each day.


We safeguard quality
Rynkeby is a trustworthy and professional enterprise. We work to ambitious quality standards in every corner of the company.

We show respect for one another
Rynkeby is an attractive and inclusive company, where individual and professional diversity is both respected and valued, and where all employees are appreciated equally. We are a company in which common goals and decisions are respected and sustained at all levels.

We get involved
Rynkeby has an open corporate culture which encourages people to seek out and assume responsibility, share know-how and cooperate.

We progress
Rynkeby seeks to attract, retain and develop highly-qualified employees. The company has an innovative approach and is open to changes in production and product development. We strive continually to improve.

We seek to win
Rynkeby is a competitive, market-leading company which produces products that are worth paying extra for. The company sets ambitious and realistic goals and has competent employees, who assume joint responsibility for reaching these goals.


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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Rynkeby Foods A/S is the largest manufacturer of juice and cordials in the Nordic region. Every year we produce more than 150 million litres from about 50 different berries, fruits and vegetables grown in about 25 countries. We deliver primarily to Denmark and Sweden and currently have a 55-60% share of the Danish market.

The company was founded in 1934. Since 2016 Rynkeby Foods A/S has been wholly owned by Eckes-Granini. From the very beginning we have focused on producing high-quality products using the best ingredients, and our goal is to be market leader in fruit and vegetable based foods, primarily juice and cordials.


Mark Ole Juel Hemmingsen, CEO

Marting Hougaard, CFO

Salg - Retail
Morten Nielsen, Commercial Director

Salg - Foodservice
Anders Lynge Hansen, Commercial Director

Kathrine Bjerrum, Marketing Director

Supply Chain
Jens Kjær, Factory Director

Sidsel Sindal, HR Director

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Sustainability plays a crucial role at Rynkeby Foods.

Read more about our initiatives here


Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

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